Green Coffee Program Review

Chlorogenic Acid, one of the ‘recently got famous’ ingredient in the field of weight loss, has gained the reputation of a fast fat burner. To unveil its authenticity, I chose a green coffee weight product, Green Coffee Program, for my review.

Product in Focus!

It is a green coffee product which claims to facilitate weight loss without any significant necessity of weight loss diets or exercise. If one’s already on diet and is exercising regularly, this product speeds up the outcomes and helps one lose pounds faster than usual. It also promises to have all natural and tested ingredients which don’t cause any side effects.

Green Coffee Program Ingredients

This utilizes raw coffee extract which contains:

  • Chlorogenic Acid
  • Antioxidants
  • Caffeine (minimal quantity)

How Does Green Coffee Program Work?

Chlorogenic acid plays the integral fat burner and blocker role by:

  • Preventing glucose from entering the bloodstream
  • Thermo genesis, the process in which fat is burned while heating up the body for energy
  • Suppressing overeating through making one feel fuller
  • Keeping stress eating at bay by elevating mood
  • Boosting fat metabolism

How was my Experience?

I chose this product because I was looking for a brand that contained SVETOL green coffee. My order took 2.5 days to arrive and I finally got down to using it on my 3rd day of ordering.

  • The beginning 3 days felt like as if liquids in huge quantity were circulating inside my stomach. During these initial days, I also felt fuller and didn’t long for my usual cookie snack.
  • From 4rth day onwards, there liquid-circulating problem vanished, guess it was just adaptive mechanism of my body. Later on, I began to feel hungry in the morning and would take huge breakfast but for the rest of day, my junk food consumption came down a lot.
  • On 10th day (which was yesterday), on checking I found a complete 2.3 lbs weight loss. Not so bad, is it!

Yes, worth recommending.

Why Buy this?

  • 800mg GCBE per capsule
  • Free of artificial fillers or other ingredients
  • Contains SVETOL green coffee
  • Clinically tested ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Online purchase and home delivery available
  • Veggie capsules (suitable for vegans)
  • Safe and easy weight loss compared to liposuction and crash diets


  • Would like a more travel friendly packaging
  • Wouldn’t suggest this to pregnant/nursing mothers

Where to Buy?

Green Coffee Program can be purchased from its official website.

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